Jerusalem Recognition Helps No One

by Guest Contributor The news of President Trump’s decision to recognize Israel’s claim to the city of Jerusalem as its capital and to relocate the U.S. embassy there has been met with shock domestically and abroad. Despite the consensus of the international community in condemning the policy change, commentators such as Jonathan S. Tobin and David… Read More Jerusalem Recognition Helps No One

Deciphering The Donald’s Rhetoric

Now that the bombastic billionaire Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee, it’s time to critically analyze the impact of a Trump administration on American foreign policy. Trump has routinely invoked nationalistic and isolationist rhetoric to “Make America Great Again” and deliver it from the era of interventionist administrations. Because according to Trump, “[l]ogic was… Read More Deciphering The Donald’s Rhetoric

Why the Islamic State’s expansion matters

By capitalizing on civil strife and fractured societies, ISIS’ expansion into Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan, leaves little doubt that the prospects for the group’s long-term viability have increased. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has now established enclaves in Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan, and the expansions seem permanent. ISIS’ appearance as a viable contender… Read More Why the Islamic State’s expansion matters

When the Germans Were the Ones Who Didn’t Want to Integrate – A Translation

Author: Berthold Seewald Translator: Douglas McKnight The mass immigration of Germans to the USA in the 18th century provoked a fear of being overrun by foreigners.  America’s government was in danger.   An American with German roots points the way towards successful integration. On June 11th, 1776, five men from of the Continental Congress of the… Read More When the Germans Were the Ones Who Didn’t Want to Integrate – A Translation